30. November 2015


Benefit from our strength.

Direct search – the quickest way to connect companies and candidates.

Many employers lack skilled personnel. There are eligible candidates that need to be lured into job market through active advertisements. We help employers find suitable and qualified staff to meet their needs.

Our great aim is to search and get the right employee for you.

Our trained experts will assist in attracting talent through advertising, campaigns, screen, attend networking events and interview candidates.

We will take the first preliminary interview with the interested candidates and then verify their eligibility, then presents the right candidate that will suit the available vacancy.

Advantages for your company:

  • Speedy access of maximal number of candidates
  • Lengthen life span through our search compares to an advertisement
  • The search is not temporally limited
  • The use of our well- groomed database and contacts
  • Distinct minimization of cost through expensive advertisement
  • First interview in a very short period of time