30. November 2015


Your advantages:

  • Sector expertise
  • Career- counseling
  • Discreet search of new job challenges
  • Highest possibility through exchange of information’s
  • You will profit from our job survey

We will look into the future together. That means:

  • We strive to create an environment of inclusiveness where every employee is valued and respected for their unique differences. An inclusive workplace enriches our employee and customer experience, drives innovation and optimizes performance in our organization.
  • Our mission within our communities is to help people reach their full potential by partnering with organizations that support employment, education and science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics disciplines. Through this mission, we hope to help develop tomorrow’s skilled workforce, and in turn, strengthen the communities.
  •  We aim to build diverse teams that are reflective of the communities we serve. The difference perspectives and experiences of our workforce give us the competitive edge that is vital for success in an ever changing multicultural world.
  • We have positioned our company as a catalyst for achieving our business objectives. Through our strategic alliances with diverse organizations in the communities where we live, work and serve, we have consistently delivered high-quality, market specific employment opportunities to clients.
  •  We connect talented individuals with the world’s most successful organization every day to drive today’s global workforce. We conduct business according to the highest ethical standards, and based on our shared values. Our employees abide by a code of conduct that helps them make sound decisions in complex situations.